Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse

The Cuckoos Garden were the first to introduce the Irish Thatch Cottage as a Birdhouse and because the Irish Thatch Cottage is such a symbol of Ireland and the Irish people, like our Art, Music, and of course “The Guinness”.

With Ireland having such a rich culture I decided to create the most meaningful symbol of Ireland of all, the Irish Thatch Cottage Home often regarded as and I quote, “The Heart and Home of Ireland”. The Irish Thatch cottage first evolved in Ireland in the early 17th Century and was largely made from local materials gathered generally not greater that 5-8 mile radius, it was once dotted all over Ireland with little small variations depending on the materials and craftsman available. The Irish people both at home and abroad regard the Irish Thatch Cottage as “Home”. You don’t have to a bird lover but it’s a bonus to enjoy the Irish That Cottage Birdhouse, due to all the sentiment associated with it. For most people it is simply enough to look out their window and to gaze on “Home” to draw up precious memories of times gone by.

I have given the Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse a little bit of a makeover by changing the colour of the window sills and plinth from grey to strawberry red, thus replicating many of the Irish thatch Cottages all over Ireland and at the same time making it more colorful. The materials used in the manufacture of this Thatch Cottage Birdhouse are all water resistant because of the composite material used and therefore requires no painting as colour has been added at the manufacturing stage of the material, The Thatch is exterior quality, the stand is pressure treated timber and is anchored to the ground using ground pegs provided. 

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