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Bird Feeders

Watch your favourite garden birds from whatever angle you prefer with minimal viewing restrictions. Generous coverage and protection is provided with its attractive roof. Our feeders come pre-assembled, use environmentally friendly materials from a sustainable source and require no painting or maintenance. Sit back, enjoy your garden and feathered guests!

Bird-approved free standing bird tables for your garden. Our bird feeders will attract different species of wild birds to your garden and are especially useful if you like to invite birds of all sizes. Our beautiful bird feeder design give you all the satisfaction of offering a home for your local birds as well as the addition of beautiful furniture piece in your garden. The platform of the feeder is perfect to accommodate birdseed, meal-worms and water bowls to encourage small birds to enjoy your garden or peanuts and specialist seed mixes for species such as Greenfinches, House Sparrows and Blue Tits. Our free Standing bird feeder is fully weatherproof, made entirely out of  eco friendly materials and requires no painting, making it perfect for outdoor use. It will also protect bird seed from getting wet and give birds a place to eat all year round. If you are looking for a bird feeder that is a bit different, then we’ve got you covered with our choice of feeders. The bluebirds and wrens will come flocking and fill the air with chirping in no time. All our bird feeders are weatherproof, come preassembled and are maintenance free.