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Bird Houses

Your birds will love these houses so much that you might want to start charging them rent!
Our birdhouses come pre-assembled, use environmentally friendly materials from a sustainable source and require no painting or maintenance, leaving you nothing to do only sit back and to enjoy your garden and invited guests!

If you are looking for a bird house that is a bit different, then we’ve got you covered with our fantastic selection of unusual and quirky homes. Encourage birds into your garden with our unique, handcrafted weatherproof houses. With a Cuckoos Garden Birdhouse, many species will be encouraged to visit your garden for shelter and food. There is nothing quite like watching all the interesting birds visit your garden. All our birdhouses are weatherproof, come preassembled and are maintenance free. Our birdhouses have a delightful entrance that is the perfect size for small birds to get in and keep the larger birds out. The colourful style of our bird houses not only can keep the birds happy but also brighten up the landscape in your garden. The Cuckoos Garden selection of bird houses are the perfect space for birds to flock to in spring and summer and will also provide shelter in the winter. Our functional bird houses are sure to add interest into any garden and come in a variety of styles from the thatch cottage, cabin, chateau or Tudor style home. All materials are environmentally friendly and come from sustainable sources.