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Cabin Birdhouse


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Dimensions: 250 × 250 × 250 mm
Overall height including stand 1300 mm

The a simple but elegant handmade Cabin Birdhouse, derived from the earliest idea of what a birdhouse should look like the world over. Stand included. More details…

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Species-Approved
This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.

This birdhouse reflects an early cabin style settlement home where many of our ancestors live.  The design of the A-Pitched styled red roof and the lighter colour of the Ivory or cream walls sits very well with our idea of what a cabin style house should look like where colour has been added to the natural the building materials. Many of our ancestors had a strong infinity with nature and especially with the birds as they brought beauty, entertainment and a seasonal consciousness to every home and garden.  It is for this reason many home owners and gardeners built the cabin birdhouse  in a style that reflected their own home, this idea has not been lost over the centuries or generations and therefore maintains a strong place on our hears. The colours used for this Cabin Birdhouse have in the past and today been widely used as they come from natures own palette.

The composite materials used to manufacture this birdhouse are waterproof, will not rot, nor do they require any painting as the colour has been added at the manufacturing stage.The cabin Birdhouse offers a comfortable location for your garden birds to rest themselves while they feed on whatever is on offer or as they seek protection from the elements. This Cabin Birdhouse has a striking red roof which in itself attracts the birds. It’s ivory walls, chimney, cute little doors and windows together with the Cuckoos Garden logo in the shape of your garden bird all collectively makes this Cabin Birdhouse a very desirable bird houses / Bird Feeder to have in your garden.

The manufacturing process used to assemble this bird house is environmentally friendly while the materials used are from a sustainable source, requiring the minimum amount of maintenance.

This birdhouse comes pre-assembled and all one has to do is attach the stand which can be done is a few short steps by following the instructions provided.

This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.

Colours may vary.


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