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Red Roofed Nesting Box


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The Cuckoos Garden Red roofed Nesting Box possesses all of the features the optimal bird house should have.  The nesting box is very attractive, yet practical for nesting, Blue Tit, Coal Tit, Tree Sparrows and wren’s, etc. More details…

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Species-Approved
This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.

Suitable for attracting blue tit, coal tit, tree sparrow and wren. Locate 2 metres above ground level for blue tit, coal tit and sparrow. For wren, 1-1.5 metres partially covered (bushes, etc).

It is ideal for placement on a wall, patio, garden shed and of course in a Tree. The Cuckoos Garden range of bird houses are Irish-made, hand finished to the highest standard using maintenance free material that is environmentally friendly, water proof, and requires no painting as the colour has been added into the material at manufacturing stage. The water proof / insulated walls of the Nesting Box possesses two and a half times the insulation value of timber, thus providing the ultimate cozy nesting home for the bird and her little chicks. The floor is removable for end of season cleaning.

Special Features included are
• Hand made in Ireland to the highest standards.
• Nesting Box dimensions 100mm x 100mm x 200mm
• 25mm diameter entry hole.
• Strawberry Red roof for easy identification.
• Extended sloping roof to help keep the rain away from the interior.
• Holes for drainage and ventilation at the base and the top.
• Walls with an insulation value of two and a half times that of timber.
• Water proof and maintenance materials, requiring no painting and will not rot.
• Easy hang bracket that allows hanging or removal the Nesting Box on a single screw.
• Packaging that provides easy to follow instructions to locate and orientate the Nesting Box for optimum results. Advice on suitable elevations to locate your Nesting Box to attract the desired species of bird.
• Odourless.
• End of season cleaning instructions for nesting box and bird care.
• Approved by BirdWatch Ireland.
• Cuckoos Garden Gold identification badge.

Colours may vary.

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