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Thatch Cottage Birdhouse


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Dimensions: 300 × 270 × 300 mm
Overall height including stand 1360 mm

This handmade Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse a symbol of the much loved  traditional Irish Thatch Cottage seen all over Ireland since the 17th century, which holds a special place in every Irishman or Irish woman’s heart and is sure to hold a special place in the hearts of your garden birds too. Stand included. More details…

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Species-Approved
This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.

The Irish Thatch Cottage from its conception in early 17th century has been the center of our folklore for Irish men and women all over the our country and across the world. It is as much a symbol of Ireland as the country itself. The Irish Thatch cottage like our music and art, symbolizes who we are and therefor it is of no surprise the Irish Thatch cottage Birdhouse designed and manufactured by the Cuckoos garden has been a huge success with garden enthusiasts and bird lovers everywhere. Unfortunately the traditional Thatch Cottage loved and lived in by practically everyone in Ireland has nearly been wiped out due largely to high maintenance costs in the modern world, fortunately the Thatch Cottage Birdhouse suffers no such  fiat, as the composite materials used in its construction are water proof, and therefor do not rot, nor do they require painting as the colour has been added at the manufacturing stage. These materials used allows the little traditional two up and two down windows design to be achieved and maintained, together with its matching sills and plinth.

The Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse offers protection from the elements to your guests your garden birds as they feast on whatever delights are on offer.

The manufacturing and assembly process used to construct this Irish hand made Irish Thatch Cottage Birdhouse are environmentally friendly while the materials used are from a sustainable source, requiring no maintenance, leaving you nothing to do only sit back and to enjoy your garden and invited guests.

This Thatch Cottage Birdhouse comes pre-assembled and all one has to do is attach the stand which is included and can be done is a few short steps by following the instructions provided.

Colours may vary.

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