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The Lodge Birdhouse


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This is a beautiful hand made Lodge Birdhouse with four elevations to delight of every garden and bird lover. Stand included. More details…

  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Species-Approved
This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland.

The Lodge Birdhouse creates a strong focal point in every garden mainly due to its colorful strawberry red roof, Ivory elevations, multiple windows and the Cuckoos garden Bird Logo symbolizing the garden bird over each doorway, all culminating in a stunning and attractive Birdhouse, an irresistible attraction in all gardens and for all garden birds.

Many garden enthusiasts love to decorate their gardens with garden furniture and accessories that reflects their own tastes and construction ideas, in many ways the garden is an extension of their home. the Lodge Birdhouse in many ways is the ideal birdhouse to satisfy this need as it offers a strong representation of ones own home while maintaining an even stronger representation of the perceived ideal birdhouse. Its attractive colour and design make it an ideal focal point for every garden and because of its multiple elevations it can be viewed from any view point while maintaining its character.  It often has been said whether coming from the North, South, East or West you still seem to have the best view.

The garden birds seem to put on a display when visiting The Lodge Birdhouse as they pop in and out of the multiple doors and look out through even more windows, while their comrades feed on the many delights provides by their hosts. The carefully selected colours of the Lodge Birdhouse  are variations on natures own palette, thus blending in with natures intentions.

The Lodge Birdhouse has many attractive angles and features, normally not achievable with wooden manufactured birdhouses and because of the composite material used in its manufacture, it does not rot, nor is any painting required. The colour has been added at the manufacturing stage, thus eliminating ongoing maintenance.  The materials and manufacturing process used in this Lodge Birdhouse are environmentally friendly and come from a sustainable source.

The lodge Birdhouse comes pre-assembled, all one has to do is attach the stand with the few simple steps. Instructions provided.

This product carries the Guaranteed Irish logo and is hand made in Galway, Ireland. 

Colours may vary.

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