Gold Standard

The Gold Standard is a mark of quality assurance and authenticity to signify all the attributes of our official handmade products, so that you can easily tell the difference between our products and competitor products. You will find the instantly recognisable gold badge on all of our products.

When you buy from the Cuckoos Garden, you can trust that you will have invested in a product that you can enjoy all year round with virtually zero maintenance for years to come. Features of our products include:

  • Handcrafted and delivered direct from our workshop in County Galway
    • We are a registered member of the Design & Crafts Council Ireland. All our products carry the Guaranteed Irish logo.
    • Many other birdhouses are made from inferior materials in countries with a dry and hot climate not suitable for damper colder climates and therefor have a shorter life span.
  • Species Approved
    • We work in close consultation with bird specialists like BirdWatch Ireland to achieve the seal of approval in meeting the unique technical requirements of individual bird species.
    • Most other birdhouses on the market are technically incorrect in size, security, insulation and predator control and offer little more than that of ornamental value.
  • Nature Friendly
    • The materials used for the manufacture of each and every one of our products are harmless to the birds and made from eco-friendly materials from a sustainable source.
    • We have found that an overwhelming percentage of other products are not suitable for their purpose, made from containments like wood preservatives, harmful paints and materials that distract or frighten the birds.
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance
    • Our products use a composite material which came from a desire to make a safe, waterproof and virtually maintenance-free material that requires no painting.
    • Many householders try to extend the lifetime of other bird houses by painting it, which requires further investment and time and is often poorly done and sometimes done with unsuitable paints
  • Weatherproof and Waterproof
    • All our products are fully waterproof, standing products come with ground pegs to protect from strong winds and which can easily be removed when grass cutting.
    • The difficulty with most other bird houses made today is that they are made from poor quality wood that decays and rots in a very short period of time.

Sit back, enjoy your garden and feathered guests!